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The Happy Client Solution

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We are all somebody’s client on a daily basis and as such, we value those customer experiences which make us happy. With this in mind, we created a solution to every business’ effort to attract and keep clients satisfied.

SurveyOnTablet is a unique service designed and developed by skilled experts that allows customers to provide feedback, report problems and voice their needs and opinions in real time and at the point of experience.

While there are a few classic, software and hardware feedback services on the market, currently there is no single solution that provides a full service pack. This is where SurveyOnTablet comes in as the first and only customer feedback tool that provides an all-in-one hardware and software pre-installed/ready-to-use package at an affordable price.

Our team of young and energetic professionals, dedicated to making our and your clients happy, can cater to all your needs and provide:

  • Hardware and software (pre-set tablet + secure kiosk enclosure/stand + cloud survey service)
  • Real time feedback
  • Real time alert system (SMS and email)
  • Online and offline data collection
  • Data export
  • Large survey questions library
  • Surveys available in over 20 languages
  • Fold-up brochures with unique QR codes for instant user feedback from a smartphone
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Custom graphic design and branding by our own professional designers
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Device setup and configuration
  • Technical support