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The Happy Client Solution


SurveyOnTablet: So different from anything else you have seen before!


Our innovative technology is a unique combination of hardware and cloud service. SurveyOnTablet is designed to spare you the hassle of creating professional and engaging multi-language surveys. It is easy to use and can be installed by anyone with no technical or programming skills.

Instant Alerts

Get immediately alerted by e-mail and SMS when a customer is at risk, thus giving you the power to turn unhappy clients into happy ones even before they leave your property.

Engage Your Clients

Engage your clients in a unique way. Our slick design and intuitive user interface will capture and hold the user's attention and secure a higher response rate and quality of data.

White Label

Promote your brand and show your clients you care. Our creative graphic designers will help you make your brand look even more attractive and engaging.

Even Free!

Our solution is affordable even for small businesses and can come completely free of charge (with limited functionality) with our Free Plan.

Mobile and Beyond

Your clients will be able to voice their opinion not just via the tablets but also through their personal smartphones. By using our QR codes you can collect responses at every location within your property.

We Put No Limits

You don’t limit your business, we don’t either! Run as many devices as you need to manage your business network, give rights to an unlimited number of users under your account and create an infinite number of surveys with as many questions as you like.


Interested to know what the prospects of your business to grow are? We will measure and compare your own Net Promoter Score* (NPS) - the gold standard in statistics for measuring customer loyalty.
(* www.netpromoter.com)

Survey Templates

We'll take away from you the hassle of creating powerful surveys. We have prepared a large library of virtually every possible question you could ask your clients translated into more than 25 languages.

Play with Data

Powerful reporting and analysis is at your fingertips to get an unmatched insight into your business. Our thorough analysis is made with one purpose in mind - to give you a competitive advantage. Generate, schedule and share custom reports and analytics.

Collect Data

Works seamlessly even in areas with no internet connection. When online, it automaticlly syncs data in the background.

System Security

True kiosk mode with world-class security. With the help of our secure enclosures you can leave the devices in public areas, knowing that unauthorized users will not gain access to your data.